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Think in the future tence!

The co-workers can say the most about him: always curious about the world, actively scanning the environment, looking for opportunities to change. He loves the diversity of places, people, topics – works interdisciplinary. Effortlessly combines experience in many areas in creative processes. He often puts his hands on difficult subjects – a challenge is a new opportunity. Sometimes he criticises (but constructively).

About his career: from a marketing employee in the late 90s, through a tradesman, a managerial staff member in many institutions, an adviser to marshals and an expert for the European Commission, a researcher, for his own business – Always actively support the creation of “innovation”. His definition of innovation in business is a new value that improves the company about its surroundings. After many completed projects, organised seminars, conferences and conducted studies, he thought it’s time to test knowledge on his own.

About himself: I do collect envelope cutters, which I think is an excellent way to divert attention from technological changes. Sometimes finding a proper knife is quite a challenge. Further, I collect models of red cars – but this might be the matter of my zodiac sign – Bull

Solve the problems with negotiations and skilful dialogue!

A graduate of the Warsaw University of Life Sciences and the Kozminski University. Active, creative, focused on searching for unusual combinations of products, processes and people. Studies in the field of tourism instilled in him a passion for travel, Polish landscapes and their values. Specialization in strategic management and marketing at ALK strengthened his knowledge and skills of a realistic approach to business and achieving goals.

An arrangement of personality traits, openness to learning, experience in many atypical roles: bartender, martial arts instructor, organiser of sporting and recreational events; communication skills and transparency – concentrated in a slim figure are his hidden potential in pursuit of the development of the “Poland in a box” brand. It’s a real training ground for practical activities, implementation of many new mechanisms and solutions learned at the best economic university in Poland.

He spends his free time actively; his latest hobby is inline- skating. As a volunteer, he helps to organise skate trips throughout Poland. He works with middle and high school pupils, supporting their educational choices.

A graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. She combines senses and skills in a unique passion for painting and creating works. Playing with colours and shapes, she creates unique paintings that make many websites and applications more attractive. Communicative and open to new ideas, effectively uses its artistic skills to strengthen messages and create added value. Thanks to constant contact with children, she is directly involved in the most creative games and activities – so her readiness for unusual, innovative projects and initiatives is hardened.

Participation in the “Poland in the Box” team is another opportunity for Anna to create a story about Poland, using images and graphics. Her works make our brand more attractive, giving it shapes and colours.

In addition to the artistic sphere: initiator and producer of many educational projects, having experience in running workshops for family, creativity and integration. Volunteer whose heart has been won by children from an orphanage in Lithuania (she visits them every year).

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