Green Island

Poland can be more interesting than you have ever thought: places with a unique past, symbols of PRL, Solidarity, fairy tales and legends, religion and even sweets – these are only a few examples to show how fascinating this country can be. It is difficult to tell about everything, but you can create an opportunity to efficiently learn about selected topics, combining stories and symbols in a single and unique souvenir. A skilful combination of objects and content makes a break for deeper involvement in learning about Poland using all the senses.

Thanks to our unique form, you can narrate about Poland in your way – by choosing a variety of elements contained in a box. You can also decide for our offer, born out of consultations with a group of experts and enthusiasts of Polish history and experts in such areas as geography, geology, history, religion, motorisation, etc.

The GREEN ISLAND offer is a way to combine in one form several threads about Poland that engage almost all the senses at the same time. Depending on the declared value of gifts, a customer receives the initial offer of sets configuration with a possibility of increasing/decreasing the number of elements used. For ease of use, there are three qualitative groups: BASIC, STANDARD, PRESTIGE.

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