Our Brand

Our brand „Poland In The Box” is the result of many years observation of trends in a market of gifts used for strengthening B2B and B2C relationships. World of today is run by technological innovations, creating an opportunity for new gift gadgets generating “fun effect”. The tendency is gaining speed and force, evidenced by the number of annual marketing events. We decided to use this trend as our brand’s main motor. We will also keep it “fun” so that all the gears move smoothly.

We are a provider of services and products placed in an exceptional box. As a whole, it’s meant to tell unique stories about companies and Poland. Our primary mission is to do our part best and keep it “Made in Poland”. World’s market is dominated by cheap substitutes produced in Asian countries and sold on a massive scale in every state and business. Aware of the fact, we endeavour to facilitate recognition of Poland and, it’s histories for those who seek more-in-depth interaction.

Our brand is not designed for selling latest gadgets or souvenirs ( in the case of such inquiries, we refer to other companies). Collaboration with us is an opportunity to create deepen stories about Poland, and it’s local colour which will be the background for strengthening your relationship with people who you want to give an exceptional gift.

Small things tell exciting stories. Tell them with our inspirations packed in an exceptional box!

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