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Our boxes are not only packaging, but they are also innovations that use IT technology to communicate with users. Each box equipped with NFC TAG generates an individual command that your smartphone will perform with the NFC function enabled (click the photo). Bring the phone closer to the place specified on the box.

Home/office design

Our box keeps the practical form even after unpacking the gifts! Thanks to the individual shape, we gave it the function of an aesthetic and unique object that can enrich office or home space.

Storytelling & Manuals

The initially packed box has a coded page with a directory of information about Poland prepared for all souvenirs. Naturally – by clicking on the photo of your souvenir you can familiarise yourself with a short history and get tips where you can search for additional information. In some cases, it can also obtain instructions and guides, for example, for souvenirs requiring a deposit.

Piggy Bank

It also has the function of a piggy bank; you can collect savings through a universal cut-out – both coins and banknotes will fit in it.

Thanks to NFC technology and our tips, you can control and keep track of the amount of money saved. Use your smartphone. Click on the picture to see our ideas on how to turn it on.

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